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Clients visualize an unparalleled custom exhibit, why create ordinary -                 Leave an Impression with a spectacular display.

​          Clients have seen them, you have seen them, we might have helped make them. While we are often asked to help make top-quality “standard” displays, if you have seen curved, twisted or unusual display shapes made from acrylic or plastic, we might have helped. Printing on acrylic? We can form acrylic, after it is printed. 
        Our success rests not only upon craftsmanship, but our ability to understand technical and design needs.


Looking to give your booth a fresh new look?

You probably do not need to refurbish every inch of your exhibit. Instead, focus on cost-effective tactics to help an aging exhibit look young again. Refresh components that have the most impact. Replace heavy items with new, lighter-weight acrylic versions. The money you spend to replace those items will often be offset by the savings you'll incur due to reduced transportation costs. 

Why create ordinary?

​Let us help you be remarkable!

Need to give your acrylic

UV Digital Printing some form?

Clarity, lightweight and impact resistance make acrylic ideal for a variety of booth applications including wall partitions, light fixtures, furniture, back-lit graphics, projected images and signage, just to name a few. Custom designed displays options and modular exhibits can be fabricated to allow you to create one-of-a-kind designs that stand out from the competition.​

Acrylic products are available in a wide range of transparent, translucent and opaque colors with glossy, textured or reflective surfaces that can be transformed into the perfect ambience for your customers.