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Fabricating acrylic exhibits for over half a century, we have learned it is not enough to do your best; you must know how to do your best. For maximum protection and optimum clarity, UV light between 200-400nm wavelength must be blocked while visible light between 400-700 must be allowed through. We would appreciate an opportunity to provide the best bid on your next exhibit.​

We encase your  artifacts


Museums, exhibit houses, galleries and private collectors worldwide trust optically clear acrylic to provide transparent presentations and preserve their collections. Protecting your exhibition from glare, dust, harmful UV rays, and preserving your priceless pieces for years requires creating the perfect display.

Custom Plastics is an industry leader, providing quality customized products for over 70 years. Our creations are showcasing museum artifacts and fine artwork across the United States. Clear acrylic display and exhibit covers can be made with ultra-violet filtering acrylic to protect displays, and have mitered, beveled or PS-30 joints.

We have the capabilities to build your concept for displaying and preserving collections, of any size.